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What is bonus share 5

What is a bonus share?

BONUS SHARE ADJUSTMENT CALCULATOR SHARE MARKET PRICE MARKET VALUE PER SHARE CALCULATE NOW Bonus share is a wonderful thing that happens to any shareholder in his investment period. Now you must be thinking what...

What is a Stock Swap 5

What is a Stock Swap?

Stock Swap is one of the most Interesting methods to complete the transactions. Now if you know how our barter system works, we used to run it in past before we invent something called...

What is an ETF 5

What is an ETF & how does it work?

ETF is an abbreviation of “Exchange Traded Funds”, which are listed and traded on the stock market just like shares. ETF or Exchange Traded Funds is just like any other Mutual Fund which invests...

What is debtors days ratio? 0

What is debtors days ratio?

Debtor days are referred to the number of days required for the collection of due cash from its creditors. The shorter collection period shows the company’s liquidity position furthermore indicate the efficiency of the...