Stock market investment books in Hindi

The Intelligent Investor (Hindi Edition) – Benjamin Graham

This classic from Mr. Benjamin Graham, this 1934 book explains got beginners can become intelligent investors by simply analyzing company and hedging their long term risks. The major focus of the book is not short term gains but long term gains.

Share Market Se Kaise Banaye Mene 10 Crore (Hindi) – Nikolas Darvas

Nikolas Daravas, at the age of only 39, earned 10 Crores from the share market, that too by investing a very small amount.

A classic book in the share market world, in the book he has covered the techniques and experiences related to this incident in this book. The book is very simple and explains all the rules of investing in a simple manner.

Kaise Stock Market Main Nivesh Kare – HINDI (Hindi) Hardcover – CNBC TV18 (Author)

The book is a guide to help you invest your hard earned money in the right place. The book explains the basics of investing along with the pros and cons that come with it.

Tradeniti: Kaise Bane Safal Professional Trader – Yuvraj Kalshetti

Written by Yuvraj Kalshetti, an advance Diplomat in the global capital market, this book explains the Basics of capital markets ( Share, Commodity, Currency and F&O ).

Tradeniti helps explains the technical analysis aspect of trading and traded analysis systems used worldwide. It explains the history of Technical Analysis, Technical analysis basics, candles, formations, impact and psychology behind technical aspects.

Fundamental analysis is also covered by the book since it is a tool used by most investors globally.